Designer: Chemistry Form Pte Ltd

Client: Nearex Pte Ltd

Category: Life

“As a very dynamic and innovative startup, Nearex approached Chemistry to support the development of a unique device that would bring payment transactions in the form of digital cash to the largely unbanked consumer market across Africa.

Chemistry took on the design of both the Product Design as well as User Interface design. The aim was to deliver a device that was small, robust, easy to use, secure and could meet the needs of the African market where many small-scale merchants rely on daily small transactions to earn a living selling everyday goods or providing services such as motorcycle transport.

Chemistry worked closely with Nearex to make sure that the device was easy to use, provide assurance and confidence for both merchant and end user. The product is a combination of a battery-powered cellular device paired with NFC technology for the merchant side.
The consumer side includes an NFC tag that then allows them to make secure electronic payments. Considerations covered: – Security against theft and dust – Easy to use interface with a focus on icons to make it language agnostic – An alternative look and styling to differentiate it from a handphone – Cutting edge technology to keep the device as thin as possible and within the same dimensions as a credit card.

The system is essentially a hybrid between a debit card and an EZLink card, bringing the best of both worlds into the hands of the consumer across developing nations.”