01 November 2022 Open for Submissions
31 December 2022
End of Early Bird Promo, 2359 hrs (GMT +8)
31 January 2023 Submission Deadline
28 February 2023
Final Extended Submission Deadline, 2359 hrs (GMT +8)
March 2023 Online Screening
May 2023 Award-Winners Notification
July 2023 Second Screening (by jurors’ request)
August 2023 Award Ceremony


1. Architecture

Buildings, residential properties, office/industry spaces, retail/hospitality facilities, urban/landscape or other structures.

2. Digital Design

Apps/software, AR/VR, systems/service for public or professional use

3. Experience Design

Service innovations designed in a customer-centric way, all aspects of user experience interacting with products and services, the environment or facilities.

4. Product Design

Automobiles/mobility vehicles, home appliances, office and home furniture, office and housing fixtures, building technology, food & beverage, equipment/machines, ICT equipment, consumer goods, healthcare tools & wearables, fashion & textile.

5. Spatial Design

Internal space and decoration of buildings, residential properties, office/industry spaces, retail/hospitality facilities, shops/showrooms, public spaces, civic spaces, outdoor pavilion, civic spaces, indoor/outdoor exhibitions, installations or other structures.

6. Sustainable Design

Any project that reduces or eliminates negative environmental impact through thoughtful designs and/or design processes. This concept can be applied across all design disciplines.

7. Visual Design

Visual communication, logo, tagline, typography, website, film/video, corporate identity, media, publishing, advertising campaign, annual reports, signage, events, and packaging.

8. Special Category: Fashion Impact

This Special Category is in partnership with Singapore Fashion Council, granted to projects/products that are original, innovative and aesthetic, as well as functional, ergonomic and sustainable, while pushing these boundaries to execute high quality design thought. It recognises projects/products who have applied an innovative approach to demonstrate how technology is:

  • Automating the supply chain and production techniques
  • Personalising styles such as the use of AR/VR to redefine the online and in-store experience.
  • The creative use of earth-friendly textiles to reduce fabric waste and environmental footprint.

It is about rethinking fashion from end to end to achieve circularity and innovation.

The project includes apparel, footwear, accessories, beauty products, campaigns on public awareness, education, events, conferences or any form of equipment or techniques.

This category is in partnership with:


Each submission is required to follow through the award process and no withdrawal is allowed after submissions are closed.

Submission phase

Early Bird Regular (Till 31 Dec 2022)
Early Bird SMEs (Till 31 Dec 2022)
Regular (1 Jan 2023 – 14 Feb 2023)
SMEs (1 Jan 2023 – 14 Feb 2023)
Last Chance to submit (15 Feb – 28 Feb 2023)
SMEs – Last Chance Submission (15 – 28 Feb 2023)

Submission fees


*Applicable for Small Medium Enterprises with annual sales turnover of $3M and below.

Award-Winner Type
DBCS Corporate Member
Non-DBCS Member
Package fee for each awarded project/ SGD
Award-Winner Type
DBCS Corporate Member
Non-DBCS Member
Package fee for each awarded project/ SGD

For more information about joining DBCS Membership, please visit https://dbcsingapore.org/dbcscircle/


Submission Information

The following materials should be submitted via our online awards portal:

  • Project description (150-250 words)
  • Project Summary (max. 80 words; This will be used on our website, exhibition panels and/or other marketing collaterals.)
  • Write-up based on each evaluation criteria (max. 100 words each)
  • Contact details of designer company and client company (if applicable)
  • 3-5 hi-res images (2MB each, JPEG, JPG or PNG only)

Terms & Conditions

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