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What is the Singapore Good Design (SG Mark)?

Singapore Good Design or SG Mark was first launched in 2013 in collaboration with the prestigious Japan Good Design Mark. It serves to set a benchmark for design quality and to endorse products and projects that incorporate exceptional design to enhance living and increase productivity.

Entries which fulfil the criteria for the Mark may use the logo on their products, stationery, and marketing collaterals as a symbol of design excellence.

What projects/products are eligible for submission?

Good design can come in the form of a product, store design, experience design, architecture, packaging, furniture, electronic item etc. Projects and products/services that are already available in the market and projects in the pre-launch stage (with a completed final product to be launched within 6 months from the date of submission on our awards portal) may be submitted.

How do I submit my project/product?

The following materials should be submitted via our online awards portal:

  • Project description (150-250 words)
  • Project Summary (max. 80 words; This will be used on our website, exhibition panels and/or other marketing collaterals.)
  • Write-up based on each evaluation criteria (max. 100 words each)
  • Contact details of designer company and client company (if applicable)
  • 3-5 hi-res images

What are the categories of SG Mark?

There are 7 in total:

1) Architecture

2) Digital Design

3) Experience Design

4) Fashion Design

5) Product Design

6) Spatial Design

7) Sustainable Design

8) Visual Design

Can I submit design concepts?

Design Concepts/Prototypes are not eligible for the SG Mark. The projects/products submitted must already be commercialised/already in the market by the time of submission. All submissions must be available for promotional activity.

How many projects can I enter?

Each applicant can submit as many projects as they wish. A separate entry must be completed for each project.

Can I submit 1 project in different categories?

You are allowed to submit in more than one category, as long as the project(s) submitted meets the criteria. Every entry in a different category counts as a new submission. Submission and Award-Winners Package fee applies.

How do I submit for SG Mark?

You can submit for SG Mark and complete the entry forms via our online submission portal. You will also find a list of your entries as well as all guidelines needed for taking part in there. You can save the submission at any time and continue it at a later stage.

Can I withdraw my submission?

You may withdraw anytime before the submission deadline, 23 Feb 2024. However, the submission fee is not refundable under any circumstances. After 23 Feb 2024, no withdrawals are allowed.

Once the online screening is completed and your project is awarded SG Mark, no withdrawals are allowed. You will be liable to pay the compulsory Award-Winners Package Fee of S$5,100 – S$5,700.

What is the selection process like?

Entries will go through an online screening by a panel of international jurors. Results will be consolidated and award-winners will be notified via email in May 2024.

Selected entries requested by jurors will go through an in-person presentation to showcase physical products or on-site screening to a panel of judges in June 2024.

Top award-winners will be announced during the SG Mark Awards Ceremony held in August 2023.

Why are there 2 screenings?

Selected Award Winners will be required to conduct an in-person presentation to the jurors on request by the panel.

Do I have to send my product for judging?

There is no need to send your products for first screening judging.

Only selected award-winners will be requested by the jurors for an in-person presentation with your product held in June 2024.

When is the submission deadline?

Submission and payment must be completed by 23 Feb 2024, 2359 hours.

Applicants will be notified via email upon receipt of submission.

What is the DBCS Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner?

Set to commemorate the best of the design industry, the Gala Dinner is an extravagant black-tie affair where designers and business leaders connect and celebrate the industry. Platinum, Gold and/or Special Mention winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner.

When will I be notified if I am awarded the SG Mark?

Award-winners will be notified by May 2024. All Award-winners must make full payment of the Award-Winner package fees within 2 weeks of notification.

Top Award-Winners (Platinum & Gold of each Category) will be announced during the SG Mark Award Ceremony in August 2024.

Is there a pre-determined number of Winners each year?

No. The number of Winners will depend solely on the quality of submissions received for the various categories each year, scored by a panel of esteemed local and international judges from various disciplines of design.

How much is the submission fee?

Early Bird Submission fee (SMEs): SGD200/project
Early Bird Submission fee (Regular): SGD300/project

Regular submission for SMEs (30th Dec onwards): SGD300/project
Regular submission for MNCs (30th Dec onwards): SGD400/project

Last chance to submit for SMEs (3rd Feb onwards): SGD400/project
Last chance to submit (3rd Feb onwards): SGD500/project

What are the fees payable if my submission wins an award?

If your entry is awarded the SG Mark, you are required to make payment for the Award-Winner Package. You can find an overview of the Award-Winners Package here. Withdrawals are not allowed after the submission deadline.

What are the benefits of winning the SG Mark?

The Singapore Good Design Awards is a benchmark of good design and quality. If your submission wins a SG Mark, you have the option to advertise using the SG Mark logo on your products, stationery and marketing collaterals. In addition, all award-winners will be showcased in the SG Mark Winners Exhibition, Online and above-the-line mainstream publicity media as well as our website and social media platforms. For more information about the benefits of being awarded the SG Mark, please view the contents of the Award-Winners Package here.

When am I allowed to start announcing news of my award?

You may publicly announce news of your SG Mark as soon as you have made payment for your Award-Winner Package.

How long can I use the SG Mark logo?

You can use the SG Mark logo as soon as you have made payment for the Award-Winner Package and receive our SG Mark logo package. The logo can be used for the duration of the life cycle of the awarded product or project. The logo must be displayed with the year that the project was awarded.

How can I sponsor the Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) Awards?

If you’re interested in sponsoring the awards, we’d love to hear from you!

Please contact the Secretariat at +65 8829-2990 or email info@sgmark.org to discuss opportunities.

What does an award of the Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) mean?

The SG Mark has since its launch been awarded to numerous winners and become synonymous with their brand entities.

As a valuable asset of DBCS, protecting the SG Mark’s intellectual property (IP) ensures that we can continue to devote necessary resources to promote the SG Mark. It also honours our winners’ commitment to their products and services. We value and respect the importance of IP and independently operate our Good Design Awards programs with the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and rigour that the global design community expects.

There are a number of other highly respected Good Design Award programs that operate in other parts of the world including the Good Design Awards (Japan), Good Design Awards (Australia), and Good Design Awards (Korea).

DBCS maintains close and cooperative relationships with many of these Award programs and collectively, we share the outcomes of our Awards to help further promote the value and importance of Good Design at a global level.

Is Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) registered?

The most crucial first step that we took was to register the SG Mark. A trademark is one of the most important assets of our company and registration is the necessary investment to protect it. Being headquartered in Singapore, we went through the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) to register the SG Mark. This prevents other brands from registering the mark and prohibiting them from using it, or selling and promoting their products and services under our name. DBCS is the registered owner of the rights and goodwill in the SG Mark (Trade Mark No. 40201503154R), registered in Singapore on 23 February 2015.

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