Toa Payoh – A Pioneer Town Reborn

Designer: Housing & Development Board

Client: Housing & Development Board

Category: Social

Toa Payoh was born to lead the way in Singapore’s public housing development. Beginning with an ambitious master plan, Toa Payoh’s birth and the challenge of turning the ‘big swamp’ into a living, breathing, and buzzing town was in itself a feat unmatched. A town of many ‘firsts’, Toa Payoh marked milestones in planning, architecture, and community building.

Today, many of these pioneer elements like the town park and pedestrianized town centre mall continue to define the town, and are part and parcel of its unique identity.What makes Toa Payoh outstanding and well-deserved of its status as one of Singapore’s ‘grand dames’ of public housing towns is its continued ability to re-invent itself and remain a thriving hub of activity and growth, while retaining its pioneer charm. From simple slab blocks that were quick and easy to build in the 1960s, to HDB’s first 40-storey blocks that provide a towering view of the town centre, Toa Payoh continues to lead the charge in breakthrough innovations, making this town an exciting place to live in.

Toa Payoh town turns 50 this year and shows no signs of ageing or slowing down. HDB’s rejuvenation and renewal programmes have kept its life-blood flowing and Toa Payoh is a much sought-after town by home buyers for its quality flats and the lively fabric of its community. And as the town celebrates its Golden Jubilee, it stands poised to meet even more challenges ahead and remain a choice home for Singaporeans.

Toa Payoh – A Pioneer Town Reborn