Time Traveller

Designer: Chua Rui Min

Client: Nanyang Polytechnic .

Category: Industry

A project influenced by the tracings of a Mother’s childhood. Through this special linkage in bond and time, the daughter weaves these memories into a junction inbuilt in a space of the timelessness, the invisible yet visible abstracts of matters, narrations, emotions.

Installation dates are based on her experiencing years in Geylang. Dedicated to my mother, Time Traveller is a project that began from the neighbourhood she lived in from her adolescence into the mid-twenties. I started by first walking the routes with her. The routes we walked became special linkages that connect the vivacity in her memories to the specific things located only at certain spots. Descriptions of its timeline and flow of stories turned into the identification of imageries that narrate into a series of spatial interpretations.

The elements produced in the design reveal a fresh and interesting perspective that challenge users to associate the components with functions of familiar life forms injected into common materials. With the consideration of her thoughts, grids & orders are created and act as the main element, which are prominent in the structure; Grids are laid intentionally to remind users to remain vigilant to the environment, and contains the element of cautiousness Mother held in her heart, against the people and the environment she was in. It was a point brought up in her stories. Consideration and researching of materials were important as to the qualities of “Memories”.

Memories are subtle; They possess ghostly qualities; They are ephemeral and intangible. I used white to express that blending in effect with the surroundings to match that frequency of calmness. Invisibility of solidness was expressed through thin rods and translucent glass. Traces of this installation would be the marks left on the green land after it is gone. They remain as “stories” that will be remembered as memories by people who have encountered and gone through them.

Time Traveller