Time Manager Washer

Designer: Electrolux Group Design, Asia Pacific

Client: Electrolux S.E.A. Pte Ltd

Category: Industry

These days, everyone wants cleaner clothes and a cleaner environment too. Our innovative Time Manager (TM) washing machine gives our customers the best of both worlds. The challenge for Electrolux was: how do we bring more features to our customers while maintaining an accessible price point? Using strategic research methods and innovative engineering solutions, we developed design solutions that are best-in-class in this segment. We incorporated our users’ top priorities: durability, ease of use, and sleek visual appeal, so our customers get everything they want and nothing they don’t.

A truly sustainable washing machine not only cleans clothing efficiently, but it protects and maintains fabrics for longer wear. This is an essential component of the value proposition we use to engage consumers.

For example, our Vapour Action feature reduces allergens in clothes by up to 99% while softening the fabric for better comfort. The Integrated Drain System eliminates the need to clean the drain filter. These high-tech features are communicated through the streamlined design, which uses a seamless front panel for increased durability, aesthetic appeal, and cleanliness.

We use a meticulous process to generate innovations that will enhance the day-to-day lives of our customers. We knew our customers were looking for larger capacity in smaller machines, so we developed a larger internal drum while maintaining a skinny profile. Normal knobs and sliders on the user interface are notorious for trapping lint and dust. Our design uses an intuitive and linear touch-control interface that is easy to wipe clean and highly legible.

We set out to transform the lives of our customers by simplifying daily chores, going beyond expectations, and delivering genuine value for money. After all, the less time our customers spend on mundane household work, the more time they have to create meaning in their lives.

Time Manager meets the strict requirements under Singapore’s Water Efficiency Labels Scheme. At the same time, Electrolux is a recognized industry leader in the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. Our core brand values are based around Respect and Diversity, Ethics and Integrity, and Safety and Sustainability. We conduct our own audits to verify that all our operations are managed according to our stringent social standards. Our customers can rest easy knowing they made a thoughtful, sustainable choice by choosing our brand.

Time Manager has revolutionized what people expect from their washing machines. By delivering more features and a sophisticated visual design at better value, Time Manager’s considered design innovations strategically build and enhance the Electrolux brand in Asia.

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