Space of Reflections

Designer: Renaissance Planners & Designers Pte Ltd

Client: Renaissance Planners & Designers Pte Ltd

Category: Industry

The project was commissioned by a Christian-based radiobroadcasting network in Singapore. Their objectives was to house 3 studios, general office and a multi-propose hall that seeks to engage youth in the Christian community to use the spaces for their planning of church activities.

With its origins of a parish hall since the 70s, the interior is plan into a general office, a meeting room, and various sizes of recording studios with a large hall being able to be turn into a place for worship. A prayer room was created for those seeking guidance in their faith.

The main hall with a high ceiling seemingly lead users to remoteness. One’s circumambulation is further assisted with the dimly lit cured out letters illuminating from within. Each room was gives a name for the purpose the room was design for.

Not wanting to diminish its core function, recording studios with enclosed interior line with fabric padded panels, workstations; control and audio recording equipment.
The proposed interior rejuvenates and revitalizes senses of all who enter and seek to rejuvenate their faith.

Space of ReflectionsSpace of ReflectionsSpace of Reflections