Sky Creation Showroom Branches (Singapore, Malaysia & China)

Designer: Sky Creation Asia Holdings Pte Ltd

Client: Sky Creation Asia Holdings Pte Ltd

Category: Industry

“Sky Creation Asia Holdings Pte Ltd was created since 2008. In a few years, Sky Creation launched its business into different countries within the Asia region. It had expanded into Singapore, Malaysia and China (Beijing & Shanghai).

The consistent message that the Company emphasises on in its showroom interior design, is bright, sophisticated and minimalist in its approach.

The reception counter in all its branches are designed to look professional with a touch of a fun element by adding blue cove lighting as an added feature.

The reception counter also double up as a bar counter in its appearance and this led to many of the visitors having the perception that the showroom is a cafe or a pub.

As explained by the CEO, Dr. Sky Tan, this ‘cafe-like’ outlook is exactly what he hopes to achieve as it creates a very friendly yet dignified appearance.

The use of white glossy finishes and mirrors helps to creates spatial effects and sophistication. This interior design approach is consistently delivered in all its branches across their Asia Pacific Branches. With this consistency, the visitors could identify the recognise the brand and its approach.”

Sky Creation Showroom Branches (Singapore, Malaysia & China)