Power Slide Hood

Designer: Electrolux Group Design, Asia Pacific

Client: Electrolux S.E.A. Pte Ltd

Category: Industry

Indoor air pollution is a side effect of any type of cooking, and Asian cooking techniques produce large amount of oil splatter, steam and smoke. Our thoughtfully engineered Power Slide Hood creates a smoke and odor free environment that’s better for everyone. The Integrated power boost function tackles the heavy spray from stir-frying, cleaning the air efficiently, effectively, and quietly.

Our sleek glass hood features a motorised sliding mechanism and a unique iconic design. The angle of the hood extracts more smoke and oil than our competitors. Angled filters trap oil and allow it to flow into the discreet oil cup. The considered innovation not only makes smoke extraction more effective, it makes it easier to clean. At the same time, our hood introduces 4 levels of extraction power, 3 levels of lighting brightness, and a filter-change alert system. It’s all about enhancing product usability while integrating seamlessly with a modern kitchen.

We use a meticulous process to generate innovations that will enrich the day-to-day lives of our customers. We conducted thousands of home interviews to arrive at the high-tech design. The black glass adds visual luxury while being supremely easy to clean. The dynamic digital user interface reveals additional controls as the user interacts with it, so there’s no need for an instruction manual. At the same time, the touch controls mean no messy buttons that trap dirt and debris. This way, our customers can spend less time tidying up and more time doing what they love.

Many people who have range hoods don’t use them because of the excessive noise of traditional extraction fans. Our Power Slide Hood not only meets the Class 1 energy requirement in China and Asia, but it has the highest extraction rate and the lowest noise output in the market that means this unassuming range hood is benefiting our customers’ health, home environment and lifestyle on a daily basis. How’s that for ‘wow’ factor?

Sustainability Carbon dioxide emissions from power usage are the most significant environmental impacts from electrical products. This is one of the key areas in which Electrolux is continually innovating. Since 2012, at least one-third of all product development spending is sustainability related, with the majority invested in energy and water efficiency and design for recycling. Due to our position on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, we are within the top 10% among the 2,500 largest companies for social and environ- mental performance.

Progress The aim of a product like this is to shift the mindset of consumers, so they realise the value of specialised technology within kitchen products.We expect that the innovative and thoughtfully engineered functions of the Power Slide Hood will continue to position Electrolux as a brand that makes substantial contributions to our day-to-day quality of life.

Power Slide HoodPower Slide HoodPower Slide Hood