P&G Singapore Innovation Centre (SGIC)

Designer: Procter & Gamble

Client: Procter & Gamble

Category: Industry

In 2014, P&G invested $250 million to open SGIC, Singapore’s largest private research facility. The challenge was to come up with a radical new building design; one that reflects the innovative spirit of P&G and addresses the challenges of a tropical environment, and an architecture that honorsSingapore’s cultural heritage in a contemporary way. While this is a sophisticated building, we also wanted to create an inspiring and stimulating work environment to help drive creativity and innovation that ties in with Biopolis’ master-plan, designed by ZahaHadid. We contributed to the communal area by leaving part of the space open to promote interaction in public spaces; for employees and the public. The intelligent façade design using clear glazing and louvers maximizes access to daylight and control glare and heat. Our brand equity is reflected with the use of logo, colorand an ownablepattern, based on indigenous flowers and P&G product silhouettes with materials and colorpalette to create a well-balanced, timeless interior. Subtle Asian inspired wall textures and clean minimalist detailing are used to define the interior. GMP design principles and safety requirements form the design of the laboratories. The connection between office and lab areas creates a seamless space for innovation. The labs are designed on a modular basis forfuture flexibility. The abundance of open collaboration spaces encourages people to work across organizational boundaries with special spaces for Design Thinking activities. This is a LeedSilver and Green Mark Gold certified building; solar panels on the roof provide renewable energy, while specially-designed cooling louvers reduce energy use. A “zero-waste” site, SGIC’s waste goes through energy recovery instead of being sent to landfills/incinerators. SGIC, with state-of-the-art facilities and P&G’s best in class R&D/consumer research capabilities to generate new superior product innovation for consumers in Asia and globally.

P&G Singapore Innovation Centre (SGIC)P&G Singapore Innovation Centre (SGIC)