Otto Kessler gloves

Designer: Otto Kessler

Client: Otto Kessler

Category: Life

A new and ultra-modern interpretation of a classic glove. These gloves come in finest glacé leather with piped details. The asymmetrical hemline makes it even more special. The gloves combine comfort and style. The organic shape gives them a timeless appeal.

At Otto Kessler, we keep a close eye on the international fashion shows and top designers‘ trends, which stimulates our creativity and filters through into the gloves we bring to you. There is more fashion between the fingertips and cuff of a glove than people commonly imagine – Milan, Paris, London and New York are all reflected in the backs of your Otto Kessler gloves. We strive for much more than just keeping your fingers warm: we want to give you a fashionable accessory that will accompany you in your daily life.

Fashion may be fleeting though, whilst a quality, timelessly beautiful product is eternal. For lovers of a more traditional style, Otto Kessler gloves have also everything a mature and comprehensive collection should offer: Glacé gloves, plain or 3-pointed; as well as fine leathers such as deer, peccary, curly and merino fur in expert craftsmanship and long-lasting quality.

Before any pair of gloves leaves our house more than twenty different production steps have been applied.

Starting with the control and careful selection of each skin, to stretching, matching and cutting the supple leathers by hand; followed by the application of ornaments and metal accessories, then the sewing of the tiny stitches on the pencil-slim piqué-machine, uniting a minimum of twenty single pieces to a pair of gloves, inserting the lining and closing of the glove at the hem. Then onto the dressing of the glove, which brings it into shape before final quality control inspects each pair.”

Otto Kessler glovesOtto Kessler gloves