Otogon Furnance Design

Designer: Goh Keh Yeng Wayne

Client: Raffles Design Institute

Category: Social

Many aspects of global warming such as carbon emissions, deforestation and pollution have become an increasing concern in Singapore. However, Singapore can remain one of the cleanest cites in the world. The OTOGON furnace design comes with filter design that helps to reduce air pollution from burning joss paper. With the ash container design, cleaner are able to collect the ash neatly and prevent themselves breathing in particles.

In addition to a harmonious environment, Singapore strives to maintain peaceful racial atmosphere. The OTOGON furnace design can relieve disturbances to citizens of non-Taoist or Buddhist religions by reducing environmental agitators such as smoke, haze, ash and litter caused by unregulated methods of burning Joss paper that he current furnaces have not been able to mitigate.

Design is essential to the health and aesthetics of public use infrastructure. The furnaces incorporate ergonomic, aesthetic and environmental solutions to create a product that is pleasurable to use, look at while preserving Singapore’s pristine atmosphere.

All too often the lowest cost solution does not create an image of wealth and progress. The rusted oil drums and cages scattered about the city are reminiscent of a pre-growth era. An investment in the heath of the city is also an investment in the image of modern an environmentally conscious Singapore.

The objective of OTOGON furnace design shares the same path with Singapore. Both are looking towards growth, health and a stable future.

Otogon Furnance Design