Oopsy Personal Smartphone Breathalyzer

Designer: We are Perspective

Client: InfiniSquare Pte Ltd

Category: Life

OOPSY is a personal smartphone breathalyzer, a testament to fusion of technology and aesthetic design. It’s ultra-compact size makes it easily fit into one’s pocket or purse, and is ideal for personal use on the go.

OOPSY connects to smartphone via audio jack communication technology. The advantage of this technology is its compatibility with iOS and Android smartphones, with lower risk of obsolescence, due to the ubiquitous nature of audio jack.

Using OOPSY is easy. The user simply connects it to the smartphone via audio jack, launches the OOPSY application, breathes into it, and the estimated blood alcohol concentration will be shown on OOPSY dedicated app. OOPSY increases one’s alcohol awareness, and enhances one’s ability to drink responsibly. With connectivity to smartphones, OOPSY is ultimately connected to internet, paving ways for ever-growing Internet-of-Things (IoT) application. The OOPSY dedicated application features value-add services that allow user to book the nearby hotel of his choice, book an Uber car or call a cab, so that they reach your destination safely, especially after a social drinking session.

Physically, OOPSY is carefully designed with consideration of aestheticsand practicality. It’s contour and finishing simply oozes class, and when connected to audio port whether at the top or bottom of the phones, OOPSY looks stylish and greatly compliments the appearance of the phone. Most importantly, the positioning of the audio jack is such that the breathalyzeris in good balance and need not be additionally supported. The overall physics offers the best user experience when the user breathes into OOPSY. The audio jack is retractable, ensuring protection to the jack when not in use and making it ultra-compact for one to easily slip it into the pocket or purse.

Oopsy Personal Smartphone BreathalyzerOopsy Personal Smartphone Breathalyzer