MSocial and UP@Robertson Quay, Singapore

Designer: Axis Architects Planners Pte Ltd

Client: City Developments Limited

Category: Social

This development is the last available site to be developed within the vicinity. The design, although modern and contemporary, preserves and conserves the existing built environment. It sympathizes with the genius loci of the quaint neighbourhood but yet infuses energy and diversity through its unique program and design.

With the very stringent urban design guidelines, the Development has adhered closely to the neighbour- hood’s massing and the fabric. Yet within this constraint and control, the development is able to stand out amongst earlier establishments through its design & sympathetic roofscape.

This sustainable development integrates and helps to preserve The Singapore River environment, being similar in usage groups while supporting local eateries and businesses already present in the community. Due to its city fringe location, it is easy to access the city centre by foot via The Singapore River park and river connectors linking the site.

The architectural concept of the Development is inspired by a dynamic cosmopolitan lifestyle, mixed in calm river surroundings with greenery & waterways.

Seeking to reflect the previous built-environment, the design incorporates a lot of steel and details found in the warehouses previously along the river, many of which are still present and preserved. This creates a symbiotic relation between the Architecture, River and City.

This Development fits nicely into its surrounding environment to create a seamless social network and interaction that amplifies the vibrancy of the River.

Alongside the cosmopolitan lifestyle, this Development contributes to green movement as well as a build- ing for all ages, physical capabilities and backgrounds.

This development is able to bridge and knit the previously vacant brownfield site to the existing neighbourhood. The new building fits in the pivotal confluence of the pedestrian mall and the river promenade, completing the urban edge and continuity of the experiences. The transformed new interpretation of the gables echoes the old riverfront but with new materials and tactility – a reminiscent of the old with the new.

MSocial has been awarded the Platinum Green Mark Award whilst UP@Robertson has been awarded the Gold Plus Green Mark Award (BCA).

The Hotel’s long serving philosophy is for a guest to arrive to the comfort and amenity, without the need to be a city located, expensive hotel. The interior is uniquely modern with amenities that redefine contemporary sophistication.

UP@Robertson is part of CDL’s established portfolio of over 30,000 quality homes sold. CDL has also been in this property business for over 50 years offering quality and innovative products, unsurpassed service and value for money.

The development’s iconic architectural design with subtle reminiscent of the previous build context sets it apart from all.

MSocial and UP@Robertson Quay, Singapore