Lounge Table

Designer: Kang Hyun Jin, Experience Design, OCBC Bank

Client: OCBC Bank

Category: Industry

For the waiting areas in our Premier Banking Centres, we needed a lounge table that is able to cope with very different environments. We wanted to create a table with character but able to withstand time and versatile enough to be used for different purposes and in different settings.

The intent was to create a piece of furniture that provides a visual lightness through its angular profiles and cantilevered top. This was combined with a slim structure that is solid and safe enough to be used, or misused, in a public environment.

Despite its delicate look, the lounge table is able to support an entire person’s weight, using the unique strength and stability of triangles, carefully shaped thin metal plates are laser cut and welded around a central spine to form a structure of exceptional stiffness. Visually, the structure appears seamless as welding marks are totally concealed.

The selection of materials reflects the tension between lightness and solidity: a substantial black marble top, meticulously profiled, is cantilevered on a thin metal structure.

Additionally, the shape of the tabletop is asymmetrical to complement its cantilevered arrangement but also to allow for easy access to the seats in tight spaces as well as different spatial compositions.

Lounge TableLounge TableLounge Table