Lines of Light

Designer: KLID(Kris Lin International Design)

Client: Kris Lin International Design

Category: Life

Space starts with a point. 2 points consist of a line, 3 lines constitute a plain, and 6 plains compose of space. However, space requires rays of light (either natural sunshine or manual illumination) to light up the space. This manages a vivid, gradient atmosphere that helps embody a clear outline of space.

Lines of light

In the project, the LED with strip aluminum 2.5cm spec. adopted is fit for cutting and/or extending by purposes. The LED design seen in the wall face, ground or furred ceiling illuminates the mass and outline of space in a clear vivid gradient way. This lets rays of light becomes lines, allows light to form plains and make light embrace space.

The office ranges 1,400 square and it is the whole story of the office building.

Lines of LightLines of Light