Designer: Meng Qing Nan

Client: Nanyang Polytechnic

Category: Social

“Kampongminium is a project to regenerate an old HDB flat by introducing “kampong spirit” which was found in Kampong Lorong Buangkok. It encourages residents in the HDB flat to have a better neighborhood relationship, as well as to preserve the Kampong spirit.

All the programs and design of the HDB flat are based on the 5 “”clues”” that were found in Kampong Lorong Buangkok. They are more open spaces, smaller scale, connections between residents, natural environment, and children’s playground.

Conceptually, two sets of programs are introduced into the building. One is the Farming-Cooking-Dining program that allow people to farm edible vegetables, cook meals and dine together. Another is some functional activity spaces like mini libraries, workshops and playgrounds to provide more platforms for residents to interact.

Structurally, by keeping the original columns, beams and applying the design methodology “GRIDS”, dwellings are arranged in new layout to create more open spaces for the people, increase the chances of meeting and communication.”