KAI – Mobility aid furniture

Designer: Ng Ching Loong

Client: Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Design

Category: Life

KAI is a product that provides assistance for elderly that has mobility issues in standing up after a long period of time seating at home.It is designed to look like a humble furniture that blends into the whole environment instead of having the user to buy an elderly mobility product that offers a singular function. Guests visiting the user house would also feel unease and cautions by the sight of many elderly mobility aid tools at home. Occasionally the elderly felt ashamed and stigmatized to use them.

KAI is not only a mobility aid tools but also acts as a side table furniture whereby the user can use to put his/her coffee or anything they desire. KAI also have a built-in reading light to increase the visibility while reading on the sofa. The user is also able to detach part of the furniture to use it as a walking aid by its own and the integrated light built in the cane allow them to illuminate their path in the dark so that going to the toilet in the night will be safer and easier.

KAI – Mobility aid furnitureKAI – Mobility aid furnitureKAI – Mobility aid furniture