House For All Seasons

Designer: Renaissance Planners & Designers Pte Ltd

Client: Renaissance Planners & Designers Pte Ltd

Category: Life

Our client decided to tear down the house after staying for 20 years. Their concern was the intense afternoon sun which heats up the interior spaces.

The rectangular plot presented the perfect opportunity to apply Le Corbusier’s cubism principles, evoking a sense of rigidity and beauty with orthogonal elements. Stylistically reflected on the elevations and plans, the profile is not unlike a cube sitting atop the other, complementing one another plainly. The proposed residential home seeks to overcome local humidity. Secondary to the brief, the design furthermore, strives to foster family bonding via implementing an open-concept living.

A slight cantilevered approach was then adopted to shield against incident rays from the afternoon sun effectively reducing the need for mechanical cooling at the ground floor spaces, while establishing visual tension between the floors. Its austere façade however is complemented by a motorized aluminium black powder coated screen with groove lines on grey painted walls.

Rudimentary space planning also suggests envisioning living and dining spaces as a single entity to not only promote family bonding and interconnectivity, but permit cross-ventilation to occur throughout the interior spaces. A void is introduced directly above the dining to promote interaction of users between different levels and air, circulation between rooms is linked via an ambulatory sky-bridge adjacent to the aforementioned void, establishing a stimulatory environment suited for the family.

The project achieves its crescendo by bringing in warmth to the house when necessary yet ensuing lights and ventilation are maximize.

House For All SeasonsHouse For All SeasonsHouse For All Seasons