Designer: Lim Bei Xuan Fiona

Client: Nanyang Polytechnic

Category: Life

“Cycling is an environmentally-friendly mode of transport that is increasingly popular in Singapore, especially for short trips. Besides affordable and convenient, cycling also offers health benefits, bringing riders of all ages closer to nature and the outdoors.

HOLD is a minimalist mount on bicycle child seat concept designed for a mother who often uses their bicycle as their mode of transportation, be it for daily groceries shopping or transporting their child to school. It helps them carries out everyday needs more efficiently as HOLD enables two different functional possibilities with just one product. Parents no longer have worry as they can fully supervise their child’s movements. HOLD is front mounted which thus, allow the child to fully engages in the activity as well as enjoys the scenery on the way to their destination.

The existing mountable bicycle child seats are often left vacant or thrown aside once it’s no longer serves its primary purpose. HOLD aims to introduce another new secondary function that can benefit the user in daily lives.”