Frank By OCBC Website

Designer: Kong Ming JIie & Kang Hyun Jin, Experience Design, OCBC Bank

Client: OCBC Bank

Category: Industry

FRANK by OCBC program targets two specific user groups: university students and fresh graduates new to the workforce. The intent behind the FRANK website is to connect with these groups and engage them in an unconventional way that is not usual for banks.

The FRANK website is fully user-centric, and designed around the relevant topics for the two groups. It speaks directly to them by using simple and straight forward tone of voice and avoids any sort of banking jargon. The content on the website revolves around important moments of their current life stage and links to the financial aspects of those situations.

Additionally, the website provides educational content centred around the four FRANK principles of managing personal finances:

  • Saving before spending
  • Enjoying small indulgences motivate yourself to save more
  • Planning for financial security
  • Compound is a powerful investment tool

The ecosystem is completed by a suite of digital tools that allow FRANK customers to access their bank account and to:

  • See how their account balance is evolving and take concrete actions in order to influence it;
  • Learn what their peers with a comparable financial profile do in managing their finances;
  • Understand their own spending habits and find ways to improve them;
  • Set objectives and financial goals and track the progress to achieving them

The complete system has proven to be very effective in engaging both target groups and has helped to achieve a 60% market share within those groups.

Frank By OCBC Website