Designer: SCDA Architects Pte Ltd

Client: City Developments Limited

Category: Industry

Situated along Alexandra Rd, the towers form a distinctive architectural statement striving to benchmark high-rise residential living within an urban context. The development comprises of two 43-storey residential towers which sit atop an expansive communal area, where space creates distinctive and bold gestures that blend architecture and landscape harmoniously. The scale of the site and the abundance of open areas with the building footprint allow the creation of a meaningful sense of place, where nature blends with hardscape and elegant architectural form.

The project’s unique volumetric composition has 4 storey voids cut outs with cantilevering frames that slide off its façade. These compositions of solids and voids within the tower’s massing create a significant presence as it reduces the mass of the building. The importance placed on the sense of arrival can be seen as one approach and enters the development; vertical split faced granite slabs form a solid textured boundary wall, interspersed with overflowing water features which lead to a large arrival court and timber lined drop-off pavilion. The play on sectional change within the large central landscaped area can be felt as one moves through the series of stone walkways, ramps and steps which afford glimpses of landscape pools and gardens ahead.

The signature towers are also designed with an interlocking series of 4 bedroom units & 3 bedroom units which sit atop each other allowing the creation of double volume living spaces for the 4 bedroom units. The unique spatial arrangement of the interlocking premium units allow units in the North to be exposed to a high volume of views into the bustling City Area and units in the South overlooking the horizon of the Southern Waterfront. The visual experience goes beyond the bounded walls as the living/dining spaces extend into balconies that cantilever off its building’s edge giving home owners a ‘sky’ living/dining experience.

The main pool evokes a mood of placidity and relaxation. It leads to a large clubhouse that offers the residents an extension beyond their private space. The timber deck frames the infinity pool creating an eye-catching contrast between the blue water and the raw hues of the wood. Trees and cabanas circumscribe the pool. Partially cantilevered over a tennis court, the clubhouse has a composition of rectilinear forms articulated by slender aluminium mullions and thin steel-edged frames. The clubhouse is naturally illuminated and is perfectly placed in its surroundings. A rotunda adjoining to the clubhouse houses a cosy reading room. It is cladded by a radial alignment of stacked timber blocks that slabs over a reflective pool as if seamlessly and lightly floating on water.