Court LED Lighting System

Designer: SCI International Pte Ltd

Client: SCI International Pte Ltd

Category: Industry

SCI International Pte Ltd has developed an ultimate Made in Singapore LED tennis court lighting system that brings exceptionally comfortable and brilliant illuminance as compared to traditional lighting system.

Commonly, tennis court lighting uses traditional light sources such as Metal Halide (MH) which can be costly and inefficient due to higher power consumption and longer light-up time. Players may also suffer eye fatigue due to glare and flickering of these lightings.

SCI’s LED tennis court lighting system is able to eliminate these disadvantages and at the same time save cost and conserve energy. It is a lighting system that brings delights to the players, facility officers and finance managers.

SCI’s LED tennis court lighting system uses specular reflection technology and rectangular beam irradiation technology.

The optical reflector in SCI’s LED tennis court lighting system has outstanding optical properties that results in excellent uniformity illuminance across the entire court, meeting the lighting standards needed for games ranging from recreational to international competition level.

It is not just able to produce uniform illuminance, it also results in superior horizontal illuminance, producing higher average amount of light falling on court surface when compared to traditional light, ensuring the court is bright enough for night game. Despite the outstanding illuminance, the SCI’s LED tennis court lighting system is able to limit light spilling, ensuring minimal light pollution to its surroundings.

Compared to other LED lighting system which produces significant heat, SCI’s LED tennis court lighting system is has excellent heat sink, which effectively dissipates heat, making it safer to handle and increases its lifespan.

Made from quality materials, SCI’s LED tennis court system produces far less flicking and reduces glare significantly. It is also highly customisable, allowing further adjustments to its panels to ensure optimum lighting across each site.

Court LED Lighting System