Coulisse Heir

Designer: Spacebar Design Pte Ltd

Client: Coulisse Heir Pte Ltd

Category: Spatial Design

Project country: Singapore

Project website:

Coulisse Heir, a private sanctuary to reconnect with your roots. Step into elegance with the muted rainbow steel reception set against the natural palette of beige and wood. Curated with curves to create flow, the sinuous corridor, adorned with comb plaster textured walls leads you to the heart of the salon – a stunning marble table showcasing merchandise. Indulge in luxury and comfort within your own private treatment room, affectionately dubbed as ‘the cocoon’, for its cosy ambience. Designed with privacy in mind, Coulisse Heir is truly unlike any other.

Coulisse HeirCoulisse HeirCoulisse HeirCoulisse HeirCoulisse Heir