Designer: COMODO Interior & Furniture Design Co. Ltd

Client: COMODO Interior & Furniture Design Co. Ltd

Category: Industry

The new office for Comodo is apart from providing a better working environment for the team, we also wanted to offer a glimpse of our design skills to our prospective customers. The design is considered with spatial planning, viewing and lighting, materials and colors.

Think out of box to create a unique spatial planning for office, we inspired by China’s zigzag bridge design. A zigzag bridge is composed of short segments, each set at an angle usually with an alternating right and left turn requires which let you to see different views when traveling across the bridge. You can see the irregular layout on the floor plan, the composition of meeting room, director’s room and working area are designed like a zigzag bridge to let you enjoy different angles of view. Daylighting is another significant element in our design. Since our office located at the seaside with ample natural light, it plays a huge role in creating comfortable, enjoyable work spaces. The nature light allows us to create a space that feels bigger and more energy.

We have used engineered concrete panel on all partition, which belongs to recycle and reused materials. Since all are precast panels, therefore it is cost-saving and easy to install. The blackout color is not high- lighting the structure, but also representing the experience of the team and with the light bulbs ahead like every creation hues and inspiration we have on each design.

Comodo TML office has completed in June 2014 and has been awarded in few design competition such as Spark competition, Jin Tang Prize(China). The design consists of improving the working environment, outstanding style in office design and use of environmentally-friendly materials. The designer aims to develop project that are functional, timeless and cozy.