Designer: TigerLily

Client: TigerLily Co.,Ltd

Category: Social

BIFF&BIL, Bangkok International Fashion Fair and Bangkok International Leather Fair, is on behalf of Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, the Royal Thai Government. BIFFF&BIL reflect creativity and revamping itself into the ASEAN Fashion Platform.,ltd commissioned by the ministry of commerce join an attempt for the re branding and evolution of it premier regional event for fashion trade show, taking place every year in March in Thailand. With over 1000 exhibitors and 40,000 attendees, BIFF&BIL event attracts leader in all aspects of the industry, from manufacturers to end user.

Tigerlily have changed the way the show communicates in order that we can encapsulates the sustainable growth and creativity as a core competency for ThaiLand International industry. We provided all BIFF&BIL’s show program, activities and fresh new look media to satisfy our own objective. Our shot films and continuing TVC shot in different language represent as lives of fashion designers, manufactures and buyers like the way actual in event. We created shot films named “To be, be see” under the concept of “Spirit of unity and Spirit if success”.

1st film, Spirit of Unity represent creativity journey that discover and mingle diverse creative elements. Dispelling myths with strength of mind and driven by strong adhering spirits. Pass on imaginative pas- sions to the world as it appears.

And the 2nd film, Spirit of Success represent “Three spirits”, fashion designer, buyer and manufacturer. The way they strive to live their own lives within their own terms towards destinations and success. Richness creativity in fashion sometimes depend on destination. Place of which you are inspired, Place where you are connected to a further step, Place where you learn and deliver and transform your imagination and Place where success is about sharing. BIFF&BIL is represented as places in this shot film.

Our communication message approach to break away tradition trade event and focus on the value of design and connectivity among fashion industry and trade to create something out of the box.