Aggregated Gateway Box (AG-Box)

Designer: We Are Perspective Pte Ltd

Client: Lucky Joint Construction Pte Ltd

Category: Industry

Aggregated Gateway Box (AG Box) concept was developed by Lucky Joint Construction Pte Ltd. It is designed to house various equipment that provide connectivity from fibre service providers to sensors and end-users’ devices such as surveillance cameras, flooding sensors, traffic cameras and public Wi-Fi access points etc.

The enclosure was designed to be unique yet easily blend in with our Singapore environment. Special attention was given to the security aspects, safeguarding the multi-user tenancy, as well as the ease of installation and servicing.

The AG Box development is in line with the Smart Nation initiative of the Singapore Government, in which it has launched a project to ease the installation of sensors and other electronic equipment deployed across the island.

Aggregated Gateway Box (AG-Box)Aggregated Gateway Box (AG-Box)Aggregated Gateway Box (AG-Box)