15 November 2023 Open for Submissions
29 December 2023
End of Early Bird Promo, 2359 hrs (GMT +8)
02 February 2024 Submission Deadline
01 March 2024
Final Extended Submission Deadline, 2359 hrs (GMT +8)
March 2024 Online Screening
May 2024 Award-Winners Notification
June 2024 Second Screening (by jurors’ request)
August 2024 Award Ceremony


1. Architecture

Buildings, residential properties, office/industry spaces, retail/hospitality facilities, urban/landscape or other structures.

2. Digital Design

Apps/software, AR/VR, systems/service for public or professional use

3. Experience Design

Service innovations designed in a customer-centric way, all aspects of user experience interacting with products and services, the environment or facilities.

4. Fashion Design

Apparel, garment, footwear, jewelry, accessories, wearables, fashion & textiles.

5. Product Design

Automobiles/mobility vehicles, home appliances, office and home furniture, office and housing fixtures, building technology, food & beverage, equipment/machines, ICT equipment, consumer goods, healthcare tools & wearables, fashion & textile.

6. Spatial Design

Internal space and decoration of buildings, residential properties, office/industry spaces, retail/hospitality facilities, shops/showrooms, public spaces, civic spaces, outdoor pavilion, civic spaces, indoor/outdoor exhibitions, installations or other structures.

7. Sustainable Design

Any project that reduces or eliminates negative environmental impact through thoughtful designs and/or design processes. This concept can be applied across all design disciplines.

8. Visual Design

Visual communication, logo, tagline, typography, website, film/video, corporate identity, media, publishing, advertising campaign, annual reports, signage, events, and packaging.

9. Special Category: Health & Wellness

Products, spaces or services that promote a healthier lifestyle, address medical needs or enhance overall quality of life. Submissions may focus on aspects like accessibility, user-friendly interfaces, innovative technologies and aesthetically pleasing elements that contribute to a positive impact on individuals’ health and well-being. 


Each submission is required to follow through the award process and no withdrawal is allowed after submissions are closed.

Submission Fee
SMEs (30/12 – 2/2) $300
Regular (30/12 – 2/2) $400
Late Fee SMEs (3/2 – 1/3) $400
Late Fee Regular (3/2 – 1/3) $500

*Applicable for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with annual sales turnover of $3M and below.

Award-Winner Type
DBCS Corporate Member
Non-DBCS Member
Package fee for each awarded project/ SGD
Award-Winner Type
DBCS Corporate Member
Non-DBCS Member
Package fee for each awarded project/ SGD

For more information about joining DBCS Membership, please visit https://dbcsingapore.org/dbcscircle/


Submission Information

The following materials should be submitted via our online awards portal:

  • Project description (150-250 words)
  • Project Summary (max. 80 words; This will be used on our website, exhibition panels and/or other marketing collaterals.)
  • Write-up based on each evaluation criteria (max. 100 words each)
  • Contact details of designer company and client company (if applicable)
  • 3-5 hi-res images (2MB each, JPEG, JPG or PNG only)

Terms & Conditions

Click here to open and read the Terms & Conditions of the awards in a new tab.

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