Ultra rapid 3D Resin Printer

Designer: We Are Perspective Pte Ltd

Client: Structo Pte Ltd

Category: Industry

“Structo is developing the world’s fastest industrial-grade 3D printer. The proprietary LCD Dynamic Mask Stereolithography technology allows us to build printers that are not only fast, but can be scaled to large build volumes without sacrificing speed for the extra size.

Structo’s technology does away with this “dot-by-dot” type of printing process and utilizes a film of liquid crystals between two polarizing sheets as an electronically controllable mask in the same way a liquid crystal display forms images. A light source of the appropriate wavelength emits uniform and collimated light toward the liquid crystal layer, which is capable of being either transparent or opaque to the incident light. Wherever the liquid crystal panel permits light to pass through it, the light will travel onward and strike photocurable resin, curing it. The central processing unit in the printer sends new mask patterns to the liquid crystal panel for each layer of the desired object, and in this way the “layer-by-layer” printing process is born.”

Ultra rapid 3D Resin PrinterUltra rapid 3D Resin Printer