UB+ Eupho

Designer: TGI Technology Pte Ltd

Client: TGI Technology Pte Ltd

Category: Life

“UB+ Eupho is a revolutionary Bluetooth speaker that produces hi-fidelity sound with all the nuances and details. Weighing only 120g with a diameter of 53mm and height 76mm, Eupho’s compact size makes it highly portable. Unlike other speakers, Eupho does not have a grille of a regular pattern, but a series of interconnected branches. At the same time, these branches are rounded, enabling the sound to flow out smoothly along the curved surfaces. The three ports at the back of Eupho form an anthropomorphic face, giving the product a friendly character. The operation of Eupho is also intuitive, making use of only three buttons. The body of Eupho is of a rubber finishing, which makes it very comfortable to hold in the hand.

The audio quality is not sacrificed despite its size, thereby solving the age-old dilemma between heavy-body speakers with superior sound and small speakers emitting inferior tunes. This is achieved through the patented ORCHAS™ technology, which allows Eupho to have full-range point source sound and minimal external vibration, paving for highly efficient bass reproduction and the ability to have enhanced sound with expansion casings.

With different expansion casings, Eupho would be able to fit in different products. Essentially, the relationship of Eupho to speaker designers will be what a light bulb is to lighting designers; designers do not need to know how a speaker work to integrate a quality sound element into their designs. The basic cylindrical shape of Eupho is designed as such to facilitate this integration. Eupho comes with an expansion casing, which also acts as a protective casing.

Thanks to the unique design of its internal structure, Eupho allows stunning stereo effect to be achieved when connecting two Euphos though the BuddyStereo™ function. More Euphos can be connected using the Mega Party Cable to pump up the volume to get the party started.”

UB+ EuphoUB+ EuphoUB+ Eupho