Killiney Kopitiam & Killiney Kaya

Designer: Larry Peh

Client: Killiney International Pte Ltd

Category: Life

Located along the busy streets of Killiney Road, the existing shop front was founded in late 1919. Back then, while it was an antiquated yet humble shop, its famous bread toast, and warm beverages was popular among many people. Thought it was just an ordinary Hainanese Kopitiam, it promised well-brewed coffee and tea, traditional charcoal-grilled bread toast.

Kaya is coconut jam, a famous local delicacy. Our shop produces kaya every morning to ensure its freshness and quality for our customers. The secret of manufacturing our exclusive Killiney Kaya is that we insist on using all-natural ingredients. These comprise of eggs with bigger yolks, coconut milk freshly squeezed from shredded coconut bits, fresh pandan leaves and white sugar. Most importantly, our kaya is free from artificial preservatives and colourings.

The mixture is first hand-beaten till a soft, and smooth homogeneity is achieved, following that, it is poured into a steel pot and steamed over a slow fire while stirring constantly. Though the preparation of kaya may well take up a few hours, but we think it is worth the effort. Besides using the freshly cooked kaya to spread on our bread toast, we also packaged them in jars for customers who want to savour the delectable and tempting kaya in the comfort of their home.

Killiney Kopitiam & Killiney KayaKilliney Kopitiam & Killiney KayaKilliney Kopitiam & Killiney Kaya