iHTR-100 series Optical fibre Transmission System

Designer: Ikegami Tsushinki Co., Ltd

Client: Ikegami Tsushinki Co., Ltd

Category: Industry

Uncompressed HD-SDI is the standard video signal of HDTV. HD-SDI is a high speed (approx. 1.5 Gbps) signal, and it can be transmitted only about 100 meters using standard coax cable. However, TV Stations and video producers can now use the HTR-100 to transmit six uncompressed HD-SDI signals up to 20 km (20,000 meters) on one optical fibre cable. Even without power available at one end, this product can transmit power and video with optical/copper multi-cable up to 1 km (1,000 meters) for outside broadcasting such as mobile unit production with various types of equipment in the field. In addition to video signals, LAN data signals can also be multiplexed and transmitted using the HTR-100. This simple product using only one optical fibre cable should be very suitable for the future style of broadcast production which will require data service together with the video. The base design is the tapered and rounded front edge panels; it makes sharper, lower, casual and compact images, which is not Ikegami’s traditional style. Besides to identify each unit clearly, vivid-color was painted on top and bottom bars, it enhanced sharpness and its existence. Also “”how to protect the delicate optical fibre cables on the units””, was the largest subject for us. When this project was commenced, we did not have any plan of protect-suit, we have designed several types to protect the cables without protect-suit, but the cost issue always prevented from real production. Eventually a simple protection bar, attaching to the bottom plate, was accepted. However, the demand for mobile use and complete cable protection required a cover, which became the protect-suit. The first design of protect suit was just a simple box. Then sample prototype unit was developed, which was exhibited at the InterBee2013 show. Gray color anodized aluminum body, clear plastic large front cover to view the unit status easily, aluminum polished foldable handle, etc.”

iHTR-100 series Optical fibre Transmission SystemiHTR-100 series Optical fibre Transmission SystemiHTR-100 series Optical fibre Transmission System