HomeTeamNS Clubhouses at Bukit Batok, Balestier and Chinatown

Designer: D'Perception Ritz Pte Ltd

Client: HomeTeamNS

Category: Social

“HomeTeamNS was set up to recognise the contributions of HomeTeam NSmen towards ensuring a safe and secure Singapore. These NSmen are from the Singapore Police Force and the Singapore Civil Defence Force. With a membership of over 190,000, HomeTeamNS has a total of four Clubhouses that provide a platform for NSmen to network and build bonds through sports and social activities. In 2014, HomeTeamNS commissioned D’Perception Ritz to redesign and upgrade the Clubhouses at Bukit Batok, Balestier and Chinatown. The Clubhouses were revamped to keep up with the contemporary lifestyle of Singapore.

Clubhouses are typically designed to exude a sense of exclusivity. As these Clubhouses are intended to honour the important role that NSmen play in our society, the exclusivity mandate is no different. However, since the HomeTeamNS Clubhouses are accessible to a very big base of potential members for a very nominal fee, the service is public in nature and prudence in fund management dictated a modest renovation budget. By partnering with a creative design company, HomeTeamNS was able to stylishly upgrade the clubhouses, creating a feel of modern luxury using inexpensive Green Mark materials. Some of the creative design implementations include: the use of glass for visual-spatial expansiveness; tessellation and texturing of walls with accent moss tiles; punctuating of plain tiles with strips of stainless steel for a modern feel; space planning for the optimisation of natural light; and the conversion of a spiral staircase into a grand stairway.

Additional Clubhouse space was also reclaimed and rezoned to augment HomeTeamNS’ service offering. Through partnership with specialist service providers and tenants, the three Clubhouses now offer more F&B and retails options, as well as grocery shopping, child enrichment classes, Laser Quest, fitness gyms, KTV rooms, sports and other recreation facilities in modern and contemporary settings.”

HomeTeamNS Clubhouses at Bukit Batok, Balestier and ChinatownHomeTeamNS Clubhouses at Bukit Batok, Balestier and Chinatown