Health Care Beverage Maker (K131)

Designer: George Mohan Zhang

Client: Shenzhen Buydeem Technology Limited

Category: Industry

The “Essence” of Buydeem Automatic Health Care Beverage Maker.

Ease of use, Stylish looking, Safe to use, Excellent material, Nourish your life, Compact storage, and Everlasting recipe It is designed to provide an easy experience for health care recipe drinkers. Imagine after a hard day at work and you still need to spend a long time preparing soup and beverage with different pots, constantly having to check the fire and water content. Thanks to the automatic One Touch Program that allows you to prepare different recipes with just a button away. Stylishly looking, definitely a center piece in your kitchen. The smart electronic board imported from UK allow automatic shut off when there is no water content on the boiler. We uses excellent material such as glass from Germany (SCOTT), power base control from UK (STRIX) and stainless steel in the food grade standard by Korea. The easy to use design of our Buydeem Beverage Maker can prepare many kind of health care beverage like; herbal tea, floral tea, nourishing soup, fruit tea and etc. Drinking the health care beverage can help to nourish your daily life and give you extensive care in an easy way. Different recipe can be created through trial and error. You can also find recipe that is created by our nutritionist through web or mobile. Recipe can be easily downloaded with just a click away. The overall design of our Buydeem
Automatic Health Care Beverage Maker is no taller than an iPad but yet its function is versatile.

Health Care Beverage Maker (K131)Health Care Beverage Maker (K131)