Designer: Architects 61 Pte Ltd

Client: Hong Realty (Pte) Ltd

Category: Industry

“Located in the eastern heartlands of Singapore, PasirRis, D’Nestis an upcoming mega-condominium complex inspired by nature, and developed with only the Singaporean family lifestyle in mind. D’Nestevokes the warmth, cosiness and privacy of a nest –an enclave that continually nurtures the personal well-being and strong social ties. The concept of the nest echoes the principles of respite from day-to-day activities where a haven is waiting for one to live, relax, refresh and revitalise.

Developed on a large land area of over 41,000m² (about the size of 3 football fields), the condominium was jointly launched by Hong Realty (Pte) Ltd, City Developments Ltd (CDL) & Hong Leong Holdings Ltd in 2013, with Architects61 leading the Consultants’team. Now with over 95% units sold, D’Nestis under construction with Daewoo E&C as the builder.

D’Nestis composed of 912 living units, distributed in 12 blocks surrounded by lush landscape and recreational amenities geared towards self-improvement and promotion of healthy social interactions; all powered by sustainable systems. D’Nestsits at the heart of the well-planned district where dwellers can enjoy great accessibility due to its close proximity to existing shopping,dining, entertainment destinations, and transportation hubs. Not only does D’Nestholistically enrich people’s living conditions, the development inherently promotes sustainability and reduces carbon footprint. It is an architectural testament proving that one doesn’t have to live in downtown city to experience a more social and privileged lifestyle. If anything, D’Nestfosters the idea that living in one of the nation’s heartlands make up a truly communal Singapore lifestyle.

The demands of modern living and evolving human needs have been ingeniously grasped by D’Nestby exemplifying the spirit of Singapore’s lifestyle -accessible, healthy, green, sustainable, inspiring and self-contained –all of which makes D’Nestan impressive architectural feat.”