Diageo Singapore

Designer: M. Moser Associates (S) Pte Ltd (Daniel McGing / Melda Lou / Dianne Cotioco / Addy Walcott / Regina Almoete / Angelo Ong / Manilyn Porto / Bhavna Singhal / Nicole Tay / Patrick Loh / Lucas Loo, Kenneth Chiam / Jet Brillantes / Stephen Lyon)

Client: Diageo

Category: Interior Design

In Diageo’s new office, employees no longer have assigned desks. Instead, they can choose where and how they want to work, depending on their daily tasks. By blurring the lines between retail, hospitality, workplace and home, the lifestyle and consumer company brought its many brands together to build meaningful connections between its customers, brands, and its own people.

Diageo SingaporeDiageo SingaporeDiageo SingaporeDiageo SingaporeDiageo Singapore