Designer: KLID(Kris Lin Interior Design)

Client: China Resources Land Development Limited

Category: Social

“In this project, I undertake three parts of design work: architectural, interior and landscape.

It is a real-estate sales centre. The site is a slope and the road is higher while the project site is lower. There is 3 meters’ height difference between the road and the site. There is a park at the other side of the road which assumes to be the most important interior landscape and also determines the building layout.

In order to have the view of the natural park on the other side of the road, the groundwork of the sales office should be lifted to be higher than the floor level and it seems that the sales office building is floating on the water. A bridge is designed to connect the road and entrance of the sales office with which people can enter the interior space and approach the building while seeing the model through a horizontal glass window. The negotiation area is designed with a stair down to the exterior area and ends at the center of the pool with the road extending to the garden.”