Mark Teo Shan Chian

Assistant Professor, Business, Communication and Design, Singapore Institute of Technology

Mark Teo Shan Chian

Mark received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and his Master of Science in Environmental Management from the National University of Singapore. He is currently an assistant professor of Design and Sustainability at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).

Prior to joining SIT in a full-time capacity, Mark ran his own architecture practice. In practice, he has crafted and overseen projects of varying scales, from small lighting installations and exhibitions to conservation shophouses and multi-unit high rise residential development. He is deeply curious about the way people live and their collective stories and this is reflected in his architecture and design practice.

His current research interests lie in the intersection of design, environmental sustainability and people. This specifically includes, public housing and food systems, all underpinned by a drive for sustainability. 

As a member of the Singapore Institute of Architects, Mark served on its Sustainability Committee in 2009, during which he was a contributor for the institute’s policy paper on the attributes of a sustainable built environment. Independently, he is also an extended core team member of the Systems Innovation CoLab APAC, which organises events and workshops on systems thinking. 

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