Jarrod Lim

Owner, Jarrod Lim Design

Jarrod Lim

Throughout his career, Jarrod has worked for several acclaimed international design houses including the studio of Patricia Urquiola in Milan and the iconic furniture brand SCP, in London. His eponymous design studio, established in Singapore has created interiors and products for global brands such as Herman Miller, Royal Selangor, Oasia Hotel and more.

Jarrod Lim Design studio’s core focus is developing creative concepts for furniture and products as well as distinctive spatial designs for interiors, exhibitions and public locations. The studio has completed a wide variety of projects such as luxury yacht interiors, children’s toys, cosmetics packaging and many others. We also assist companies in a multi-disciplinary fashion from design research through to graphic design, brand management and art direction.

Many of Jarrod’s designs focus on the experiential and instinctive interactions between everyday objects and familiar settings. The style is intuitive, honest and refined, searching for the innate qualities in even the simplest object. Each project begins with detailed research and each design is developed with constant regard to the surrounding environment, the use of materials, production quality as well as the final outcome.

Jarrod Lim Design continues to work with many new clients, looking for innovative solutions and a fresh perspective.

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