Chris Hosmer


Chris Hosmer

Chris Hosmer is an American designer and entrepreneur with deep applied experience in innovation practice and creative strategy.

AirPop, the air wearables company Chris co-founded in 2015, was named a World Changing Idea by Fast Company magazine in 2018 and was also honored at SXSW Startup Accelerator in the Health & Wearables track. AirPop is a digital health startup focused on healthy breathing solutions for the 4B+ people living in pervasive air pollution in Asia. AirPop is a strategic partner to Xiaomi’s product eco-system platform and Chris was the first foreign founder to be invested by Xiaomi.

Previously he served as a Managing Director of Continuum, the global innovation design consultancy based in Boston, MA. From 2000-2008 Chris was an Envisioner in the firm’s pathbreaking Design Strategy Group which innovated new business models for clients of the firm’s product and service design offering. Chris then founded and managed Continuum’s China office in 2009 and led the firm’s Asia-Pacific portfolio until 2015. His work centered on China’s unique mobile-first, direct-to-consumer internet companies and deeply understanding the emerging middle class consumer that is driving domestic demand for rapid innovation.

Chris mentored the design track in Prof. Stefan Thomke’s Managing Product and Service Development course at the Harvard Business School and liaised with project teams in Prof. Ted Selker’s Industrial Design Intelligence course at the MIT Media Lab. Chris taught the Design Strategy and Research course (B.ID) at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design and the first Design Strategy Theory and Practice Lab (M.A.) at Tongji University College of Design & Innovation in Shanghai.

Chris was named one of the Top 50 Innovators by China Business News Weekly and was a regular guest columnist for Forbes China in The Business of Innovation section. He’s been featured in Fast Company, South China Morning Post, Global Times and Business Review. Chris has received numerous international design awards including Fast Company, SXSW, IF, Reddot, Good Design, Core77 and IDEA and has served on multiple design juries in Asia including Red Star Design Awards, China Good Design Awards and CBN Innovation and Design Awards. He speaks regularly about emerging market innovation, technology trends and designing humane consumer experiences.

He is currently an innovation advisor to startups in Silicon Valley and China on product-brand experience strategy as well as serving In-Residence as a Designer and Strategist at Shenzhen Valley Ventures, a software-driven hardware-based Venture Capital firm headquartered in Shenzhen and Palo Alto.

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