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Organiser’s Message

Hi everyone! Let’s talk about design. 

All of us here share a core belief – that good design is also good problem-solving. Steve Jobs said that design is not just about what it looks and feels like. Design is about how it works. 

The way good design can be at the heart of both disruptive and sustained commercial success in physical and digital settings is now more relevant than ever. With consumers becoming savvier and the lines between hardware, software and services increasingly blurred, one fact remains though – companies will benefit substantially from harnessing stronger design capabilities and opportunities to pursue user-centric and analytically informed design. 

Lean start-ups have demonstrated how to make better decisions through prototyping and iterative learning.  Top companies have the capacity to embrace the full user experience. The advance of AI and VR has created powerful new sources of insights and techniques. All of these developments should place the user at the heart of business decisions in a way that design leaders have long craved. 

It was with this foresight and reason that SG Mark was conceived, and we’ve made some good progress since its inception in 2013. SG Mark was established to set the benchmark for exceptional design quality that impacts businesses and communities in Singapore and beyond. It serves to recognise and encourage good design practices, catalyse design adoption and advance design as an enabler for innovation and productivity growth. Ultimately, the profile and value of Singapore design will also be raised both locally and internationally. 

The number of project submissions has been on a steady uptrend with an overall increase of 25%, proving that problem solving through design thinking and valuing solutions over processes continue to be priorities for many organisations. Our SG Mark winners have benefited greatly from the value of this accolade. It shows that they are practising good design, experiencing brand advocacy and increased sales through using the mark as a marketing tool, as a proof point to consumers that companies see the relentless need to transform, to innovate and are willing to go to the furthest point for it. 

I am extremely stoked about the projects who took the top spots this year. Interconnecting people through making places, Siu Hei Court Play Space, our Gold Winner, is a perfect example of how small changes can lift us up and create a huge impact on community sustainability. Another Gold award recipient, Kohler Struktura Hygiene Urinal, satisfied an underserved need by directly engaging with users on their unique concerns and creating gracious experiences that addressed what matters most. Lonesome Hotel – Platinum winner, calls into the struggles of disadvantaged seniors and spoke poignantly into our hearts, showing that design is more about empathy and communication then mere aesthetics. Singapore Airlines, with its Seamless Travel Experience Digital Suite, is steering the future of travel and keeps us looking forward to gaining back some normality in our lives. These projects are signs of the current times, and most importantly, they give us hope that humanity thrives in times of crisis. 

The 2022 Special Category is created in partnership with PIXEL IMDA, its in line with Singapore positioning itself for the future to emerge stronger and reconnect with the rest of the world to grow and prosper. Virtually Unlimited celebrates designs that push aesthetic, conceptual and technological boundaries to produce high quality design thought and execution that create impactful outcomes. Go to ‘Categories‘ to find out more.

The call for SG Mark 2022 has begun and I encourage you to take this opportunity to share how design can make a difference in our lives, with the user being placed at the centre of it all. I wish you all the best! 

Hong Khai Seng
Chairman of SG Mark Committee
Vice-President, Design Business Chamber Singapore


08 November 2021 Open for Submissions
15 January 2022 Submission Deadline, 2359 hrs (GMT +8)
15 February 2022 Extended Submission Deadline, 2359 hrs (GMT +8)
March 2022 Online Screening
May 2022 Award-Winners Notification
June 2022 Second Screening (by jurors’ request)
July 2022 Award Ceremony


The 7 standard categories include:

Interior Design
Experience Design
Digital Solution
Sustainable Design

Special Category:

Virtually Unlimited

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About the Organiser

Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS) is the nation’s leading multidisciplinary design chamber since 1985. DBCS’ vision is to establish a community of practice that embraces design-led innovation as a key driver for sustainable growth. We do so by forging partnership opportunities between the design and business communities.

In the recent years, we incorporated the tagline – Better Business by Design – as our manifesto in advocating the application of design thinking in business. Our ultimate aim is to rally businesses and communities to not just achieve Better Business by Design but to use design for social good.

Founded in 1985 by a diverse group of forward-thinking designers, we were formerly known as the Designers Association Singapore and were renamed to Design Business Chamber Singapore in 2012.

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